iQity E-Learning Platform

The Platform

The iQity e-Learning Platform is a complete educational system that accentuates or enables any learning environment – from simple instructional management within a bricks-and-mortar classroom, to an entirely distance-learning situation; or more commonly, in a blended or hybrid environment that takes advantage of the benefits offered by both the traditional classroom and online learning.

iQity Platform

The iQity e-Learning Platform is comprised of multiple integrated components.

iQity Learning Management SystemThe iQity Learning Management System is a comprehensive, online-education delivery system, paralleling – yet improving upon – the traditional classroom environment, and offering teachers and students the most effective e-learning environment.

iQity Reactor RepositoryThe iQity Reactor Repository is the industry's most robust and easy-to-use storage and search system for state-aligned curriculum, courses, and other learning objects.

iQity Bridge TechnologyThe iQity Bridge Technology connects the iQity LMS with the Reactor Repository, creating a fully integrated, seamless, and easy-to-use system.

iQity Digital Rights Management SystemThe iQity Digital Rights Management System tracks and protects the entire process of courses and other educational material being stored, searched, and retrieved from the Reactor Repository.

iQity U Learning CenterThe iQity U Learning Center provides multiple options for learning the most effective ways to use any and all components and features of the iQity e-Learning Platform.

Reactor Bridge LMS iQity U Digital Rights Management