iQity E-Learning Platform

Reactor Repository

The iQity Reactor Repository is the most robust and easy-to-use learning object repository available.

With the Reactor Repository, teachers, curriculum directors, and other educators have access to a continually growing collection of digital content – including lessons, assignments, labs, study guides, videos, biographies, and more.

Fully integrated into the iQity e-Learning Platform, the Reactor Repository enables users to search for educational content from multiple suppliers, confirm alignment to state standards on a page-by-page basis, and import content into the iQity Learning Management System in as few as three clicks.

The Reactor Repository can be searched by a variety of criteria – including state standard, keyword, author, topic, grade level, or user rating.

By using the Reactor Repository and the iQity Learning Management System in tandem, a teacher, curriculum coordinator, or other educator can customize a course by rearranging elements from a single curriculum source, or by combining elements from multiple sources. This capability allows courses to be tailored to the specific needs of a state, district, school, classroom, or even a single student.

Additionally, with the Reactor Repository, teachers and schools also can create their own content. That content can be stored within the repository, and can even be made available (for free or at a set fee) to other educators within the same school, district, or state; as well as any other teacher using the iQity e-Learning Platform across the country. The details of how this arrangement would be handled are at the discretion of the creator and his/her school, district, and/or state.