iQity E-Learning Platform

The Curriculum Marketplace

What is a curriculum marketplace?

Imagine a single source for locating, importing, storing, sharing, selling, and delivering a nearly endless supply of electronic standards-aligned curriculum, courses, and other learning objects.

That's a curriculum marketplace.

And the iQity e-Learning Platform is the premier system of integrated tools to allow any national or regional educational organization, state education department, or school district to create a complete curriculum marketplace.

In effect, the iQity Platform serves as a giant supermarket, filled with standards-aligned courses and learning objects. Curriculum directors, school administrators, teachers, and other educators can browse the courses from multiple providers and select the ones that are best for his or her class, school, district, state, or region.

Regions, states, districts, and schools can choose multiple options for each course or subject, or they can choose just one. They can even choose to offer only free materials. Then, the districts, schools, or individual teachers can choose the options that are best for their specific situation. Teachers also can customize the courses to the specific needs of their classroom.

Once a teacher has searched and found the correct course, he or she can then use the iQity Learning Management System within the iQity Platform to teach their students in a traditional bricks-and-mortar classroom, a distance-learning arrangement, or most commonly, a blended or hybrid environment.

Please visit The Platform section of this website to learn how the individual components of the iQity e-Learning Platform work together to create the most complete curriculum marketplace available in the industry. To visit our Marketplace website, click here.

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