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The iQity e-Learning Platform is the most complete solution available for the electronic search and delivery of curriculum, courses, and other learning objects.

Delivering over one million courses each year, the iQity Platform is a proven success for students, teachers, school administrators, and district offices; as well as state, regional, and national education officials across the country.

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Please contact iQity to schedule a free demonstration of our products, introducing educators to the first LMS developed exclusively for K-12 learners and our groundbreaking Curriculum Marketplace. You can also view a quick video demonstration here. iQity's national Marketplace offers schools access to countless free and fee-based courses and learning objects, from a variety of vendors. Delivered through Reactor, a learning object repository seamlessly integrated with the iQity platform, these courses and objects allow schools to provide unprecedented, prescriptive credit recovery and full course options – at amazingly affordable prices.

This demonstration will explain the Curriculum Marketplace concept, the learning object repository's innovative functionality, and why our LMS is the best one for K-12 users.

Don't miss this opportunity to be ahead of the curve! To sign up for a demonstration, call or send an email using the contact information on the right.

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