iQity E-Learning Platform

School: Enhanced Education

The iQity e-Learning Platform provides the most complete, robust, and easy-to-use tool for aiding education in a traditional classroom, establishing a distance learning program, or enabling a hybrid or blended learning environment that combines the advantages of both the traditional classroom and distance learning technologies and techniques.

The prescriptive learning aspects of the iQity Platform make it possible for on-the-fly tailoring of content to suit the needs of a subset of a class as small as a single student, making truly individualized education not only possible, but easy.

Synchronous and asynchronous communication tools allow multiple avenues for teachers and students to communicate and foster a positive learning environment.

As a part of that positive learning environment, students are able learn at their own pace – not feeling inadequate if it takes them a little extra time to grasp and retain a concept or fact, as well as not becoming bored or frustrated waiting for other students to catch up if they learn more quickly.

The platform also includes an access log, summary reports, integrated gradebook, and more to increase accountability and allow administrators and teachers to better track students' progress.